[symple_googlemap title=”Grant Rea Park closures” location=”600 Rea Drive, Montebello, Ca” height=”300″ zoom=”16″]

Police closed a Montebello park  until further notice because of recent attacks by coyotes.

Several coyote attacks have been reported within the last seven to 10 days in Grant Rea Park at 600 Rea Drive and the incidents have prompted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to investigate, according to Montebello Police Department Lt. Michael Bergman.

While Bergman said no one has been seriously injured in these attacks, the behavior of the coyotes is unusual and is “what’s driving the closure and the effort to locate and trap these coyotes.”

The park is expected to be closed at least until Wednesday, according to Bergman.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is “just trying to get a pulse on the coyote population out there,” Bergman said Monday.

—City News Service

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