Photo via Southern California Gas Co.
Photo via Southern California Gas Co.

The Southern California Gas Company advised West Los Angeles-area residents not to be alarmed Friday if they detect the smell of natural gas in the air.

Crews were working on a pipeline project, which started about 9 p.m. Thursday and ended around midnight, in which they briefly conducted a controlled release of natural gas, according to SoCalGas spokeswoman Rosa Maria Santana.

Controlled release of natural gas stopped at 11:30 p.m. Thursday, she said, and natural gas was expected to be dissipating in the air early Friday.

SoCalGas crews had replaced a supply pipeline and were in process of putting the new pipeline into service and notified the Los Angeles County Fire Department of their work, Santana said.

Crews “vent” pipelines by safely releasing natural gas as they prepare for routine pipeline maintenance, she said.

“Natural gas is non-toxic and lighter than air, so escaping gas will rise and dissipate safely,” Santana said. “Since natural gas is colorless and odorless, a non-toxic smell is added as a safety precaution. This added odor allows the public to detect leaks that may occur.”

—City News Service

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