Derrick Rose via public Twitter account.
Derrick Rose via public Twitter account.

A former friend of the woman accusing Derrick Rose of rape testified Friday that the accuser is a constant liar who modeled her lawsuit on a similar case in which a famous rapper handed over $5 million to settle rape allegations.

Gabriela Chavez, the star defense witness in the lawsuit playing out in Los Angeles federal court, told the jury that Rose’s accuser “lies about everything that comes out of her mouth.”

Chavez said she was a friend of the plaintiff until about three years ago, around the time the accuser filed a $21.5 million civil lawsuit against the New York Knicks guard and two of his friends for allegedly raping her in August 2013 as she lay unconscious.

The witness said the accuser told her that she was going to file suit as revenge against the basketball star because she was “upset that Rose didn’t respond” to text messages she sent after she had sex with the athlete and his friends.

Chavez quoted her former friend allegedly saying, “He didn’t even care that I slept with them.”

The defense witness testified that the plaintiff told her about the Sean Kingston case, in which the singer/rapper settled a $5 million lawsuit with a woman who claimed was “gang raped” by Kingston and his personal bodyguard after a Justin Bieber concert in 2010.

Chavez said Rose’s accuser “saw her case being the same thing — that she would settle out of court” the witness said, adding that she believed the plaintiff “was trying to scheme to get money from Derek.”

Chavez was followed on the stand by a psychologist expert defense witness who said she examined the plaintiff and found signs the woman was exaggerating or feigning symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems as a result of the alleged rape.

The level of symptoms she reported “was not consistent” with normal functioning, said Dr. Jayme Jones, a neuropsychologist who specializes in trauma.

The 30-year-old woman at the center of the trial is suing Rose, Allen and Randy Hampton for damages for allegedly drugging and gang raping her.

The defendants deny the allegations, and each took the stand in their own defense to tell jurors that the woman invited them to her home where the sexual contact was entirely consensual.

The accuser has said that she was so intoxicated that she has only “flashes” of memory of the alleged rape. She contends she did not invite the men to her residence and has no memory of how the three got into her building.

However, Rose and his friends testified that the woman pushed herself on them and insisted through texts and phone calls that they drive across town for more sex in the pre-dawn hours of Aug. 27, 2013.

When they arrived, the defendants said, the woman — whom Rose described as a frequent sex partner during their 18-month relationship — opened the door to her building and told the men to come to her bedroom “one at a time.”

The lawsuit was filed in 2015, two years after the alleged rape, and police were notified around the same time. Los Angeles police say they have an open investigation and no charges have been filed.

The plaintiff told the jury that she waited two years to file suit because she felt ashamed and embarrassed of what happened and was afraid her family would find out. She also said she didn’t want to make trouble for Rose, who told jurors that he had broken up with her about a month prior to the alleged assault.

Lawyers for the accuser had fought to keep the woman’s name secret throughout the trial but the judge ruled that her name would be revealed after a jury was seated.

Chavez, the plaintiff’s ex-friend, Friday told the eight-person jury the accuser wanted to remain anonymous so her family wouldn’t find out about “the lifestyle she was living in Los Angeles — and she wanted to keep it that way.”

— City News Service

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