A Costa Mesa man is suing Apple Inc., alleging the company’s failure to use known technology to keep drivers from texting on their iPhones has led to accidents on the highways caused by distracted drivers.

Julio Ceja’s proposed class-action lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. He wants an injunction stopping the sale of all iPhones in California until a lock-out mechanism is put into the devices. He alleges that Apple’s failure to do so is a violation of California’s consumer protection laws.

An Apple representative could not be immediately reached for comment.

Photo via http://sites.psu.edu/.

Ceja was stopped at a signal when his car was hit from behind by a driver using her iPhone, according to his court papers.

“Given its rank danger, it is downright shocking that smartphone companies like Apple do nothing to help shield the public at large from the dangers associated with the use of their phones,” the suit states.

–City News Service 

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