President Donald Trump Wednesday praised Orange County government and city officials for backing his attorney general’s lawsuit challenging a state law providing protections for undocumented immigrants against deportation efforts.

The president’s tweet came one day after the Orange County Board of Supervisors and the Mission Viejo City Council both voted to join the federal government’s suit against California’s so-called sanctuary state law.

Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson welcomed Trump’s stamp of approval.

He said getting the president’s attention “doesn’t surprise me because we’ve gotten a lot of coverage on this.”

“I hope they back us up,” Nelson said of the Trump administration. “And we them.”

In his tweet, Trump said his “administration stands in solidarity with the brave citizens in Orange County defending their rights against California’s illegal and unconstitutional sanctuary policies. California’s sanctuary laws release known dangerous criminals into communities across the state. All citizens have the right to be protected by federal law and strong borders.”

Rep. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, blasted Trump’s comment.

“The federal government has been in paralysis on immigration reform for years,” he said. “When the federal government fails to act, states like California must lead and we have. California has passed its own immigration policies to keep our communities safe and protect our residents. If President Trump wants to truly help make our communities safer, let’s work on comprehensive immigration reform. Anything else is theater.”

The Mission Viejo council, in addition to voting to file an amicus brief supporting Attorney General Jeff Session’s legal challenge to the sanctuary state law, approved a resolution supporting the city of Los Alamitos’ move to be exempted. Los Alamitos officials argue that as a charter city, it can exempt itself from the state’s law, but Mission Viejo lacks that status so must follow the state law.

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