A closeup shot of a rattlesnake's head.
A closeup shot of a rattlesnake’s head. Photo from Pixabay.

Desert Hot Springs police Friday warned residents that rattlesnake season has arrived, punctuated by two sightings in the last 24 hours.

The two rattlesnake reports came from the northeastern section of the city, with officers capturing the snakes both times and relocating them to the desert. Both snakes were juvenile Speckled Rattlesnakes, the most commonly encountered venomous snake in the Desert Hot Springs area, according to police.

As daytime temperatures increase with the approach of summer, snakes may start to seek refuge in shade near residential areas, experts said. Typical hiding spots cited by the police department include beneath cars, in debris near homes or in bushes and rocks in residential yards.

Residents were advised to exercise caution when putting their hands or feet in areas where “you cannot see where you are reaching.”

Snakes may not necessarily warn humans with their telltale rattle, police said. Often, the snakes will stay quiet or try to hide or flee if approached by humans.

Anyone who sees a snake was advised not to try and handle it. Police said, “the vast majority of bites are on the hands due to trying to handle or provoke a snake.”

If you see a rattlesnake, call the Desert Hot Springs Police or Animal Control Dispatch at (760) 329-2904 for safe removal of the snake.

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