A bicyclist and three other people were seriously injured in several collisions in Santa Ana Wednesday morning, and the motorist suspected of triggering the series of crashes was arrested after a confrontation with officers, police said.

The origin of the initial crash stemmed from a road rage incident at Harbor Boulevard and McFadden Avenue about 3:45 a.m., said Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna.

David Brinh, 41, who was driving a Nissan Cube, was allegedly involved in some type of collision at that location, Bertagna said. For some reason, Brinh started chasing a man in another car not involved in the collision, Bertagna alleged.

“It was a road rage kind of thing,” he said.

The driver of the other car sped away northbound on Harbor to eastbound First Street, and when both motorists reached First and Fairview streets, they went through a red light, triggering a collision with a pickup truck that was westbound on First turning to southbound Fairview at 3:52 a.m., Bertagna said.

The pickup truck ended up on its side and skidded 60 to 90 feet, Bertagna said. The other car racing away from Brinh’s Nissan rolled onto a sidewalk and collided with a man on a bicycle waiting for a green light, Bertagna said.

Brinh’s car slammed into a pole, he said. As officers were arriving at the scene, Brinh got out of the Nissan and ran over to an ice cream warehouse factory, where he allegedly grabbed an employee and brought him to police, saying he had the suspect from the collision, Bertagna said.

Brinh, who was bleeding, failed to convince police and “elected to fight with officers, so they tased him and arrested him,” he said.

The bicyclist, a woman behind the wheel of the pickup truck and a man and woman in the car racing away from Brinh were taken to UC Irvine Medical Center and OC Global Medical Center with serious injuries, but they were all expected to survive, Bertagna said.

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