A two-month-old boy mauled by a pit bull at a home in Woodland Hills remained hospitalized Wednesday with injuries to his face and broken bones but is expected to survive.

Los Angeles police officers were notified about 5 p.m. Monday of the attack that occurred earlier in the day and that the boy had been taken to a hospital in critical condition, Sgt. Zoltan Mako of the Los Angeles Police Department told the Daily News.

A delivery person had come to the door of a home in the 22600 block of Clarendon Street and when a parent answered, the pit bull escaped a pen and mauled the baby, Mako said.

The dog was quarantined in the West Valley Animal Shelter in Chatsworth to confirm it is healthy and does not have any diseases that could be transmitted to the child, Ashley Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for Los Angeles Animal Services, told the Los Angeles Times.

The quarantine period will last up to 10 days, Rodriguez said. If the dog is healthy, it will be returned to its owner.

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