Former mixed martial arts fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller has had a troubled legal history while on probation since last year, when he vowed to turn things around, court records show.

Miller, 37, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a felony count of vandalism for allegedly smashing a large marble table at his girlfriend’s La Habra residence, in addition to punching holes in and removing doors from the home and derailing the garage door, according to Michelle Van Der Linden of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. He was arrested Friday and remains in custody pending an Oct. 31 pretrial hearing.

Miller pleaded guilty to beating the same girlfriend on Sept. 27 of last year. He was sentenced last Nov. 27 to 124 days in jail and released with credit for time served, according to court records.

Miller got busted again on Jan. 11 when La Habra police served a search warrant on his girlfriend. While investigating her, Miller was found to be in possession of a bulletproof vest and various other weapons such as nunchucks, various knives, a machete, an axe, a samurai sword and replica assault weapons, according to a probation officer’s report that says police also found human growth hormone and various other performance enhancing drugs apparently obtained without a prescription.

Miller, whose progress on probation was characterized as “limited and disappointing” by the probation officer, dropped out of a drug and alcohol recovery program.

“It appears that the probationer has continued to do as he pleases despite the orders from the court or the terms and conditions of his probation,” the officer wrote in a probation revocation petition filed in January.

Miller was found in violation of probation on Jan. 26. He later rejoined a drug and alcohol recovery program, but was advised to “learn to listen better in group and stop giving other clients advice during group.”

On Sept. 23 of this year, he tested positive for the ingredient in marijuana and various opioids, according to court records.

Miller faces four years in state prison if he is found in violation of probation again.

When he resolved a litany of legal troubles last year, prosecutors said Miller could face up to 21 years in prison if he ran afoul of the law again.

“Jason is a great guy and I love him like a brother,” Miller’s attorney, Cameron Talley, told City News Service on Tuesday. “It is incredibly sad to see these continued police contacts, but I have faith he can straighten out his life.”

Miller accepted a plea bargain from Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert Fitzgerald on April 5, 2017. At the time, he said he was committed to clearing probation.

“I’m going to fly right,” Miller told reporters then.

At the time, Miller said his repeated contacts with law enforcement started after he was accused of domestic violence by an ex-girlfriend. Shortly after the allegations surfaced, he lost his job as an analyst with Fox Sports and couldn’t get any more fights.

“My entire life turned into a crisis,” Miller told reporters last year.

Fitzgerald sentenced him to 100 days in jail, but he had already accrued credit for time served he did not have to spend any more time in custody.

Miller was acquitted on Feb. 1, 2017, of beating up the former girlfriend, but other charges involving his conflicts with law enforcement were set aside at the time for a separate trial.

In one conflict with Orange County sheriff’s deputies, he was “live-tweeting” the encounter as they tried to serve him with an arrest warrant at his Mission Viejo home in October 2014.

In July 2016, he got into an argument with two women, one of whom slapped him, at the Saddle Ranch Chop House in the Triangle Square shopping center in Costa Mesa. The heavily intoxicated Miller, who grabbed the woman who slapped him by the leg, was detained by a security guard at the restaurant until police arrived, police said.

In January 2016, Miller spray-painted graffiti on a wall of a now-shuttered tattoo parlor in Lake Forest. That same month, he cranked up the volume of a stereo in the same tattoo parlor, blowing out the speakers, prosecutors said.

In October 2015, he hurled a ceramic tile at deputies and threatened them with a large fire extinguisher and metal police and had to be subdued with a Taser.

In March 2015, he kicked a police officer and spit at another cop at the White House restaurant in Laguna Beach, prosecutors said.

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