A previously convicted bank robber who led a Los Angeles-based bank ring — but never entered a bank with his crew — is expected to be sentenced to federal prison Monday.

Gary Lamar “G Thing” Henry, 38, was found guilty last year in Los Angeles federal court of involvement with the the takeover bank crew linked to eight heists throughout the Southland and beyond.

Henry faces a mandatory 21 years behind bars, but federal prosecutors are asking for a 51-year term, based on the defendant’s long rap sheet, according to court papers.

At each of the 2016 robberies, a gun was pointed at tellers. Though no physical injuries were reported, prosecutors wrote that such crimes “leave lasting stress and trauma that victims remember, and live with, for their entire lives.”

Henry led the five-person crew, orchestrated the robberies and provided a gun. However, he never entered the target banks, preferring to remain outside to keep watch, according to court documents.

The robberies included heists at a OneWest Bank branch in San Marino in July 2016, a First Bank location in Arcadia in August 2016, and a Citibank in Bakersfield a few weeks later.

Previously, getaway driver Daniel “Malo” Ochoa, 27, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Robert H. Whaley to almost a dozen years in federal prison. Two other members of the ring, Mark Spencer and Orlando Soto-Forcey, were also each sentenced to about 12 years in prison for their roles in the conspiracy.

The fifth defendant, Edgar Santos, is also scheduled to be sentenced Monday.

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