Matthew Dean Stevens is not his brother’s keeper, but he wants his incarcerated sibling to stop using his name in court filings.

That brother was scheduled to be released Friday from a Missouri prison on a burglary conviction. The incarcerated brother served a short term in 2017 in a Riverside burglary case before being returned to Missouri to serve time for an earlier burglary conviction in that state.

But the real Matthew Dean Stevens — who is not the man who served time in California and then Missouri — says the name misuse is no minor concern.

The 52-year-old Missouri resident said he’s “humiliated” and worried about job prospects because of news stories still available publicly on the web that cited official Riverside County court records that wrongly included his name when identifying his law-breaking brother.

He said he only recently became aware of the two-year-old stories about his 47-year-old sibling’s sentencing, and that the court records at the time cited in the stories used Matthew Dean Stevens and Matthew Stevens as the perpetrator’s name, listing “Mark Allan Stevens” as another name used by the arrestee.

Mark Allan Stevens is the perpetrator’s real name, according to the Missouri Department of Corrections. He was sentenced to three months in jail two years ago in a plea deal in Riverside County for burglarizing a vehicle in Jurupa Valley and then scuffling with a responding sheriff’s deputy.

After serving a short California jail sentence, the brother was then sent back to a Missouri prison on an outstanding burglary conviction.

But Mark Allan Stevens apparently also used his brother’s name, so he was listed as “Matthew Stevens” and “Matthew Dean Steven” in his California court case, and that’s the name listed in Riverside County court records — mostly. “Mark Stevens” was written in on most official documents, only to be crossed out by the hand of some unknown official and replaced with the printed name of “Matthew Stevens.” Other court records include signatures using both names.

There was no immediate response from Riverside County court officials to telephone requests about the names that were used on court forms at the time. The prosecutor is no longer with the district attorney’s office, and the deputy public defender said he had “no recollection” of the case.

So Matthew Dean Stevens is asking news organizations that may have carried the story now to carry updates making clear that he is not the person serving time in Missouri.

Meanwhile, Mark Allan Stevens had been returned to Missouri to serve his time for a burglary conviction in that state. According to a records clerk at the Fulton Reception & Diagnostic Center, Mark Allan Stevens had been originally given a parole date of Dec. 5, 2021. Nevertheless, she said, he was scheduled to be paroled Friday and will be free on probation.

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