The Los Angeles Rams are being sued by a fan who suffered an assault at a key NFC conference matchup in 2018.

Peter Bergin’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, filed Tuesday, alleges the team and Contemporary Services Corp., which was contracted to provide security, failed to protect the plaintiff during a Thursday night football game between the Rams and the Minnesota Vikings on Sept. 27 at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

“This was a highly anticipated game,” the suit states. “Fan violence in and around NFL stadiums is an issue known to the NFL and its teams. Fan violence is worse at night games.”

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

A Rams representative could not be immediately reached.

Bergin suffered head, back and other serious injuries after the attack by an intoxicated man at a concession stand, according to his attorney, Barry Novack.

“The drunk tried to punch his girlfriend in the face and Mr. Bergin tried to push him out of the way and took the hit instead,” Novack said. “He broke his nose and dislocated his knee when he fell.”

Bergin’s assailant was “obviously served way more alcohol then he should have, which caused him to be a danger to those around him,” Novack said. “No security camera in the area to deter, and a lack of security guards and police. Also a lack of prompt response to the situation.”

The Rams “should have anticipated that the crowds would be rowdy and there could be fan violence,” the suit states.

The complaint further alleges that timely assistance was not provided to Bergin.

Bergin has been unable to do his usual work because of the injuries and also has lost earnings, according to the complaint.

The Rams won the game, 38-31.

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