A businessman who says he may be executed by the Chinese government if returned to his homeland due to his outspoken criticisms of the regime there is suing a Republican fundraiser, alleging the man has lobbied the U.S. government to send him back to China.

Miles Kwok’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, filed Thursday, names as defendants Elliott Broidy; his company, Capital Management LLC; Broidy’s wife, Robin Rosenzweig; and her law firm, Colfax Law Office Inc. The suit’s allegations include intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud and interference with prospective economic advantage.

The suit seeks unspecified damages. A representative for Broidy could not be immediately reached.

The complaint dubs Kwok, whose real name is Wengui Guo, as “one of the world’s foremost advocates for the rule of law and democracy in the People’s Republic of China.”

Kwok’s criticisms of the lack of democracy in China has made him a target of the communist regime and he has applied for asylum in the U.S., the suit states.

“(Kwok’s ) life will be in grave danger if he is returned to China,” according to the suit.

By means of “concealment and fraud,” Kwok believes Broidy has secretly worked as an unregistered foreign agent for the Chinese government, which wants to silence Kwok, the suit states.

Broidy lobbied U.S. government officials, including former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to persuade them to have Kwok sent back to China, the suit states.

“(Kwok) … believes that Broidy did this while lying about his own interests and by concealing that he was acting on behalf of China and other foreign governments and persons,” the suit states.

Broidy’s alleged lobbying campaign against Kwok was discovered after some of Broidy’s emails became public in March 2018, when they were published in the media,’ the suit states.

“Prior to this time, (Kwok) had no knowledge or any way of knowing of the secret campaign engaged in by Broidy and others to injure him,” the suit states.

The suit further alleges that Broidy and Rosenzweig worked together to destroy Kwok’s public image by “creating and publishing propaganda hit pieces disguised as news stories.”

Some of the allegedly phony articles presented Kwok as a rapist and someone who engaged in bribery and fraud, the suit states.

Broidy served as a vice chairman of both the Trump Victory Committee and of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, the suit states.

In October 2006, Broidy hosted a fundraiser for then-President George W. Bush, where $1 million was raised, according to the suit.

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