Metro Wednesday defended its construction mitigation measures Wednesday in response to a lawsuit brought by the owners of the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, who allege that the Purple Line subway extension project has damaged the building and that the noise, dust, odors, fumes and vibrations that began when work started in 2014 continue Wednesday.

Temple of the Arts’ Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges a litany of allegations, ranging from inverse condemnation, nuisance and trespass to intentional and negligent interference with contracts. The suit filed lsat Friday seeks millions of dollars in damages and also names the city of Beverly Hills and subway contractor Skanska Traylor Shea as defendants.

“While we cannot comment specifically on this pending Saban lawsuit, overall Metro has a very robust construction mitigation program that successfully meets or exceeds local, state and federal requirements,” the Metro statement read. “We have an excellent track record for working closely with community stakeholders to mitigate noise, dust, vibrations, traffic detours and other issues in our ongoing mission to improve mobility for all the residents of Los Angeles County.”

Beverly Hills’ public information manager said the city will review the suit before deciding whether to make a comment.

The complaint alleges the Saban Theatre, located on Wilshire Boulevard, has been rendered “inoperable or nearly inoperable” due to the construction, which has caused cracks and fissures to the building.

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs’ property, which includes an office building adjacent to the theater, has also been subject to “profound interference and disruption” by obstructing access to surrounding sidewalks and streets. Workers have put up fences on the property, littered and “routinely created noise levels” higher than allowed under the agreement between Metro and the city of Beverly Hills, the suit alleges.

The suit further alleges that all of the defendants knew that the plaintiffs would lose event attendees and business customers “as a result of their careless and insensitive approach to the construction …”

The plaintiff alleges the defendants made false promises to honor damage claims, about when they expected the subway extension to be completed, about how quickly parking and access issues would be resolved and how fast any potential damage to the Saban Theatre would be remedied.

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