To celebrate LGBTQ History Month, Cal State Fullerton officials Monday raised a “Rainbow Pride” flag on campus for the first time.

The flag-raising ceremony was held in front of the university’s Langsdorf Hall, and the rainbow flag will continue flying until Friday as part of National Coming Out Week.

“On this day the community celebrates our beauty in being LGBTQ, but also expresses love and support to those whose coming out stories may not have been as welcoming as we would have hoped,” said Nat Betancourt, coordinator of the LGBT Queer Resource Center, which was founded in 2012 by the university’s student government organization.

“We will continue to make positive impacts to create an inclusive environment for all,” Cal State Fullerton President Framroze Virjee said. “By raising this flag today, Cal State Fullerton makes the statement that as allies and educators, we are not afraid to stand up and raise up our LGBTQ Titans, that we welcome them here, we see them here and we support them here on this campus.

“By raising this flag, the university states that it is not only an ally to the LGBTQ community but an accomplice in advocating for the rights, needs, and visibility of our Titan LGBTQ family,” Virjee said.

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