L.A. City Council Member Joe Buscaino this weekend was elected president of the National League of Cities, which represents 19,000 cities, towns and villages in the United States.

“In 2020, I will lead with urgency on the issue of homelessness,” he said. “I will lead with urgency as we strengthen the federal-local partnership. And I will lead with urgency and support the efforts of NLC members to build innovation-driven economies in their communities. I am very proud to lead an organization that is inclusive and represents all Americans! National League of Cities brings us together so that we can work together and lead together!”

In his speech during the summit, Buscaino spoke of walking in the footsteps of former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley.

“Forty-five years ago as my mother was bringing me home from the hospital after giving birth, Los Angeles’ legendary Mayor Tom Bradley was taking the helm as president of National League of Cities! Before he was Mayor, Tom Bradley was a Councilmember in Los Angeles, and before he was a Councilmember, he was an LAPD police officer. So to be assuming the presidency of NLC today and following in the footsteps of a legendary L.A. figure is the honor of my lifetime,” Buscaino said.

He thanked several people for his victory, including his wife and “my friend and Mayor Eric Garcetti.”

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