While schools are closing and public events are being canceled due to coronavirus, federal courts in Los Angeles, Santa Ana and Riverside will remain open for business, but jury duty and criminal and civil trials will be delayed until April 13 or as otherwise ordered, it was announced Friday.

“All civil and criminal jury trials in the Central District of California scheduled to begin during this time period are continued pending further order of the court,” according to the court clerk. “The court may issue other orders concerning future continuances as necessary and appropriate.”

Court officials stressed that anyone experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing should avoid coming to the courthouse, and if “you believe you may have been exposed to coronavirus, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately.”

It was also announced that all courtroom proceedings and filing deadlines will remain in place unless otherwise ordered by the presiding judge; individual judges may continue to hold hearings, conferences and bench trials in the exercise of their discretion; and criminal matters before magistrate judges, such as initial appearances, arraignments, detention hearings and the issuance of search warrants shall continue to take place in the ordinary course.

The court further said that grand juries shall continue to meet pending further orders and the Clerk’s Office, Probation and Pretrial Services Office, Bankruptcy Court and all other court services shall remain open pending further notice.

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