The Huntington Beach Dog Beach Saturday drew hundreds of dogs and their humans, with police officers on hand to order visitors to stay at least six feet apart, authorities said.

“I’m shocked at the number of people with chairs, food, balls etc. for an afternoon at the beach,” Huntington Beach resident Benigna Carrillo said. “I called police and they told me the beach is open. This is not good. We are in a crisis.”

The beach is open, Huntington Beach police Lt. Brian Smith confirmed. Parking lots, the pier, amphitheatre and picnic tables are closed, with signs and fencing to make clear which areas are off-limits, he said.

While Smith described attendance at much of the city’s beach as in the “dozens, not hundreds,” the opposite was true at the dog beach around 17th Street, he said. “There are hundreds of people,” with officers reminding them to keep their distance.

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