Firefighters outside burning apartment
Firefighters outside the burning apartment in South Central Los Angeles. Courtesy OnScene.TV

A major emergency fire burning in the basement of a two-story apartment building in the Historic South-Central area of Los Angeles Saturday morning spread into the south side of the complex and threatened to spread onto the second floor and into two nearby buildings.

Crews responded to the building on the 4000 block of Main Street, at 3:03 a.m. and found smoke coming from the second floor, according to Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Firefighters made their way inside and located fire in the basement of the building, but have been unable to make access to the flames due to pack rat conditions.

“Firefighters deployed hose lines into the windows in every unit as well as into the basement,” Stewart said. “Despite their continuous efforts, the deep seated fire looks to be extending up through the second floor to the roof.”

Firefighters evacuated residents on both floors before all crews were pulled out of the building due to indications one wall was buckling due to the heavy fire in the basement, she said.

One resident suffered unknown injuries and was taken to a hospital with stable vital signs, Stewart said.

A total of 111 firefighters were on scene.

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