With a major heat wave bearing down on the Southland, the manager of the state’s power grid issued an advance call Thursday for residents to cut back power usage to help avoid rolling blackouts caused by strain on the system.

The California Independent System Operator announced that a Flex Alert — a call for voluntary power conservation — will be in effect from 3 to 9 p.m. Saturday through Monday.

“Labor Day weekend temperatures are forecast 10-20 degrees above normal for California, and the power grid operator is predicting an increase in electricity demand, primarily from air conditioning use,” according to a statement from Cal-ISO. “Overnight temperatures statewide are projected to be at least 10 degrees higher than normal, which doesn’t allow infrastructure to cool down. High heat is also predicted throughout the West for the weekend, which can limit the ISO’s ability to import energy to serve demand.”

The Flex Alert is a voluntary statewide call for people to reduce their power usage during peak hours. But if strain continues to build on the system, Cal-ISO could begin issuing emergency declarations, leading to rolling electrical blackouts, like those that occurred during high heat last month.

Cal-ISO officials urged residents to take precautions aimed at reducing power use during peak hours, such as pre-cooling homes, charging electric vehicles and running major appliances earlier in the day and setting pool pumps to run early in the morning or late at night.

During Flex Alert hours, residents were urged to take conservation measures including:

— setting air conditioning thermostats to at least 78 degrees, if health permits;

— deferring the use of major appliances;

— turning off unnecessary lights;

— unplugging unused electrical devices;

— closing blinds and drapes;

— keeping refrigerator doors closed as much as possible; and

— using fans when possible.

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