A man who was previously convicted of gunning down a 70-year-old pastor outside his Inglewood church was sentenced Wednesday to 17 years in state prison in connection with a pair of armed robbery charges involving gardeners.

Aaron Deon Seymour, 38, of Los Angeles, pleaded no contest to two felony counts of second-degree robbery and admitted that he had a 2006 conviction for voluntary manslaughter, according to Deputy District Attorney Justin Ford.

The latest case — investigated by the Los Angeles and Inglewood police departments — involved 10 victims robbed between March and May 2016, with Seymour making off with about $6,000 in cash, along with phones, jewelry and other personal property, according to the prosecutor.

Seymour was convicted in August 2006 of voluntary manslaughter for the April 27, 2005, death of Charlie Williams, who was shot once in the upper right thigh in an alley outside Christian Unity Missionary Baptist Church.

Jurors acquitted Seymour of the more serious charges of first-degree murder and second-degree murder, and he was sentenced in October 2006 to 10 years in state prison.

At his sentencing in 2006 for Williams’ killing, Seymour maintained the shooting was an accident, with the weapon firing inadvertently while the two men struggled outside the church.

“I just want them to know that I am really sorry,” he said then.

The pastor’s widow, Lois, questioned why Seymour shot her husband.

“I have wondered for quite some time now, why? Why did you need to take the life of an innocent man, an honest man, one who was really a man who took care of his household, who took care of me,” she said then. “The question goes over and over in my heart, Mr. Seymour, with so much pain, day in and day out. Why?”

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