The Los Angeles Police Protective League has placed billboards in five city council districts demanding a plan from city leaders to keep resident safe.

The move comes as murders, shootings and shots fired into homes have increased “starkly” in Los Angeles at a time when “some city leaders are calling for the elimination of 1,000 police officers from the LAPD,” a statement from the union that represents sworn department personnel said.

The union’s statement pointed out that among the hundreds of shooting victims was a pregnant 24-year-old woman who was shot and killed while sitting in a parked car, a death that sparked the union’s actions, which also includes the release of a digital ad calling for action to protect residents.

“Where is the outrage over the carnage, the loss of life and the ever increasing danger plaguing many neighborhoods of our city?” Craig Lally, President of the LAPPL, asked. “We hear nothing from City Hall but cut police officers, but where is their plan to keep L.A. safe?”

The union has also launched two domain names and that link to a new web page that updates the increasing gun violence plaguing our city.

“In 2019, seventy percent of the 30,000 violent crime victims in our city were either Black or Hispanic, and politicians want to cut hundreds of officers,” Lally said. “Who will protect these residents and seek justice for the victims and their families?”


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