Los Angeles City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez Wednesday introduced a motion to create a fireworks buyback and reward program for people to report major suppliers of illegal fireworks.

“We must proactively shift the culture of firework use. Fireworks continue to pose a threat to our communities, causing injury and distress to people and their pets, and exacerbates the residual environmental impacts of air pollution,” Rodriguez said in a statement Wednesday.

“This effort will pursue those illegally distributing in order to protect our communities from enduring trauma and injuries associated with fireworks and improve the quality of life for residents and their beloved pets,” the statement continued.

The city has a complaint system through 311 for people to report fireworks usage for a few weeks before the Fourth of July. Officials have also pursued education and outreach as ways to mitigate fireworks usage.

Rodriguez’ motion, if adopted, would direct city departments to create the buyback and reward program. It also calls for the 311 system to allow people to report illegal fireworks all year and for an expansion of the seasonal online portal on the Los Angeles Police Department website.

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