A former manager at a Hollywood apartment complex dropped his suit against his ex-employer, in which he alleged he was fired in 2019 in retaliation for complaining that the landlord recruited addicts in rehabilitation and operated a sex trafficking operation.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Barbara A. Meiers on Tuesday granted Jarrie Grimmett’s request to dismiss his lawsuit against Artiste Apartments without prejudice, meaning he can refile it if circumstances warrant. He brought the suit in April 2020, alleging wrongful termination, retaliation and race, sexual orientation discrimination and harassment.

It was not disclosed why Grimmett chose to drop his suit.

Grimmett says he worked for about a month as a task force manager at an Artiste building on Cherokee Avenue before being fired in March 2019. His court papers allege he repeatedly reported and complained to his supervisor about “dangerous and illegal activities” at the property, including prostitution and drug sales.

The lawsuit alleged that the building owner knew that prostitution was taking place on the premises and not only allowed such illegal activity, but actively recruited addicts undergoing alcohol and drug rehabilitation and operated a sex trafficking operation from his rental properties, referring to the women he recruited as his “club members.”

Grimmett also complained often of unsafe and hazardous working conditions, including the use of old, defective equipment; a roof that was caving in the employee break room; and unsanitary working conditions, including rat infestations in his office, in storage areas and elsewhere, the suit alleged.

Instead of taking appropriate action to correct the alleged illegal activity and conditions, Grimmett’s supervisor laughed and said the building’s employees were weak and “were rats as well,” the complaint alleges.

Throughout his time working at Artiste Aartments, Grimmett’s boss regularly made discriminatory and harassing remarks about Artiste workers, calling the company accountant a gay pejorative, a black employee “the fat black woman” and referring to another worker as “the dumb Asian bitch,” the suit alleges.

The alleged comments were offensive to the plaintiff, who is Black and gay, according to his court papers.

Grimmett was fired about a week after making his final complaint and was told that he was “not a good fit” at Artiste, according to his suit, which says the final paycheck he was given was not signed by an authorized person and was thus invalid.

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