A Lancaster woman pleaded no contest Friday to charges stemming from a DUI crash that left one of her daughters fatally injured.

Shekia Nicole Walker, 33, pleaded no contest to one count each of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and driving with a 0.08% blood-alcohol content causing injury, according to Ricardo Santiago of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

She was immediately sentenced to five years probation, ordered to continue to participate in programs offered by A New Way of Life, a three-month alcohol program and a MADD program, along with being advised that she could be charged with murder if she is involved in another DUI crash in which someone is killed.

A six-year state prison term was suspended, which Walker will not have to serve if she complies with the terms of her probation. The judge gave her credit for roughly 15 months she previously spent in custody.

The case stemmed from a Feb. 19, 2019, crash in which Walker’s vehicle collided with a pole in the 3100 block of East Avenue I shortly after she picked up her two daughters — then ages 6 and 12 — from school, authorities said.

The younger daughter, identified only as LeToya S., was hospitalized for traumatic brain injuries and died in July 2019, shortly after she turned 7, while the woman’s older daughter survived, according to Santiago.

Walker was arrested less than a week after the crash and remained behind bars until being released on bail in May 2020, according to jail records.

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