The Los Angeles Police Department Thursday announced the arrest of a man suspected of damaging several windows in the West Los Angeles area.

Jon Knight Prince was allegedly responsible for 13 separate vandalism crimes that occurred between May 26 and Wednesday in the areas of the 1300 to 1700 block of Westwood Boulevard and the 9200 to 9400 block of Pico Boulevard, according to a police statement.

Police circulated surveillance images Wednesday of a man believed to be Prince carrying cardboard boxes containing bricks and pieces of concrete near Westwood Boulevard and Pico Boulevard.

Detectives were able to connect the incidents by proximity and surveillance evidence, and arrested Prince about 12:45 a.m. Thursday, according to police.

Prince was booked for felony vandalism with consideration for the multiple crimes he allegedly committed, prior convictions and an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. He is bail was set at $325,000.

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