Federal indictments were unsealed Tuesday against 19 defendants accused in a heroin distribution and money laundering conspiracy in Orange County.

Julio Cesar Martinez and Victor Martinez are the alleged owners and operators of a heroin distribution organization in the county that continued through April, according to the federal indictment returned May 26.

Two of the defendants — Maricela Guerrero and Marla Portillo Cordova — worked in a call center taking orders for heroin from dealers, prosecutors alleged.

Several other defendants were involved in delivering the narcotic to buyers and collecting money in exchange for a cut of the profits or heroin, the indictment alleged.

The organization distributed at least $2 million worth of heroin, the indictment alleged.

Martinez allegedly obtained the heroin from Roberto Romero Sanchez in Mexico and Victor Romero in the United States. The conspiracy allegedly involved couriers to sneak the drug from Mexico to Orange County.

The defendants are:

–Julio Cesar Martinez;

–Victor Martinez;

–Victor Romero Jr.;

–Martin Cervantes Romero;

–Roberto Romero Sanchez;

–Violeta Romero;

–Maricela Guerrero;

–Marla Portillo Cordova;

–Daniel Zapien;

–Erik Bright;

–Megan Ellis;

–Victor Moreta;

–Shannon Jacobi;

–Hunter Sanders;

–Jose Cervantes;

–Alicia Carillo Gonzalez;

–Angel Cervantes;

–Francisco Serrano and;

–Alicia Cervantes.

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