A 53-year-old Brea man pleaded guilty Friday to attacking a man in Placentia in what police say was retaliation for an alleged sexual assault of the suspect’s family.

Randolph Loren Aguirre, who is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 17, pleaded guilty to single counts each of assault with the intent to commit mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, possession of a firearm by a felon and a prohibited person owning ammunition, all felonies. He also admitted a misdemeanor count of illegal use of tear gas.

Police were called at 10:17 p.m. Feb. 4 to the 400 block of Industrial Way about a ski mask-wearing suspect attacking another man.

An officer who arrived on scene saw the masked Aguirre in the rear of a business and told the man to get down on the ground, police said.

Aguirre refused and ran away with the officer in tow, police said.

At some point during the foot chase, Aguirre turned toward the officer and pointed a stun gun at his pursuer, police said.

The officer, however, used a stun gun to subdue Aguirre, police said.

Officers found a used can of pepper spray, a knife, zip ties, a loaded gun and a stun gun on the defendant, police said.

The man who was pepper sprayed was treated at the scene for minor injuries by paramedics, police said.

Police suspect Aguirre went to the area to attack and torture the man for “disrespecting a member of Aguirre’s family and in retaliation for an alleged sexual assault,” police said.

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