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Rapper Takeoff, who is part of the Atlanta song trio Migos, must submit to a deposition by Sept. 27 and pay a $2,460 fine in a lawsuit brought by a woman who alleges the singer raped her in 2020, a judge has ruled.

Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Huey P. Cotton issued the order Monday in the lawsuit brought in August 2020 by a woman identified only as Jane Doe. She alleges Takeoff, whose real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, sexually assaulted during a party in an Encino home on June 23, 2020.

A failure to submit to the deposition by the deadline date will result in “terminating sanctions” against the singer, the judge said.

In their court papers seeking to compel Takeoff’s deposition and have him pay a fine, Doe’s attorneys stated they have tried without success since August 2021 to depose the singer. The singer’s lawyers offered a video deposition date on Aug. 17 which “directly contradicted defendant’s earlier demand that his deposition be conducted in person,” Doe’s lawyers further stated in their court papers.

“It is necessary to depose defendant in this action because he is a crucial witness to the events alleged in this action,” Doe’s lawyers argued in their court papers.

According to the lawsuit, throughout the night Takeoff, now 28, made several advances at Doe that she rejected. She later went to a bedroom to lie down, but despite her making it clear to the performer that she was not interested, he followed her into the bedroom and “forced himself on her and engaged in sexual intercourse,” the suit alleges.

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