Relatives of a worker killed during a 2021 explosion at a Fullerton engineering firm are suing multiple defendants over the 29-year-old Lynwood man’s death during testing of a fire-fighting system.

The plaintiffs in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit brought Wednesday include Jesus Siordia and Irene Fombona, the parents of the late Jesse Siordia. The lawsuit allegations include negligence, strict products liability and breach of contract. The plaintiffs seek unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Jesse Siordia was an employee of National Technical Systems, which provided the building on East Valencia Avenue to one of its customers, United Aeronautical Corp., the suit states. NTS is not a defendant in the case. A UAC representative could not be reached for comment.

On May 27, 2021, UAC was testing a C-130 modular airborne fire-fighting system, the function of which was to pressurize fire retardant prior to it being expelled from aircrafts used in firefighting, according to the suit.

UAC was testing to determine whether there were fugitive radio emissions during testing of the system when at about 9:15 a.m. during pressurizing of the system while testing, a component part failed and caused hydrologic fluid inside to become a highly flammable aerosol, causing a massive explosion resulting in Jesse Siordia’s death and significant property damage, according to the suit.

UAC and the other defendants “expressly and impliedly represented” that the system’s component parts met or exceeded safety standards, the suit states. In reality, the defendants acted with a “conscious disregard” for Jesse Siordia’s safety and provided a dangerous and defective product for testing in a “reckless, willful and negligent manner” that they knew or should have known, was unsafe and unfit for the specific testing it was to undergo on the day of the explosion, the suit alleges.

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