A man who allegedly collided with a Los Angeles Police Department SWAT unit with his pickup truck and tried to flee was in custody Saturday evening after his truck was blocked in by Bearcat armored vehicles.

The crash was reported at 7:53 p.m. when a Metro officer put out a call for backup due to involvement in a hit-and-run crash on the Hollywood (170) Freeway at Sherman Way, said LAPD Officer Matthew Cruz. Metro is a division with specialized units including SWAT.

The suspect tried to leave the scene but was stopped within minutes and taken into custody, Cruz said. No injuries were reported.

Video shot at the scene showed SWAT Bearcats blocking the pickup truck from the front and back followed by a man getting out of the driver’s side door and being taken into custody.

A news videographer reported the operation caused a traffic backup on the northbound Hollywood Freeway.

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