Robert A. Millikan Memorial at Caltech in  Pasadena. Photo by via Wikimedia Commons.
Robert A. Millikan Memorial at Caltech in Pasadena. Photo by via Wikimedia Commons.

A newly signed collaborative agreement between Caltech and the City of Hope is expected to result in “new and better medical treatments,” City of Hope announced Wednesday.

The memorandum of understanding inked by Caltech President Thomas F. Rosenbaum and City of Hope President and CEO Robert W. Stone formalizes a previous working relationship between the two institutions.

The agreement is “expected to result in pathways to new and better medical treatments for some of today’s most serious health threats,” according to a City of Hope statement. “The agreement will allow for the sharing of facilities and for a collaborative exchange of ideas between City of Hope and Caltech scientists.”

Said Stone: “This framework for collaboration will allow inventive scientists at both institutions to nimbly move together from the discussion stage to actually bringing those ideas to fruition, first in the laboratory and then to practical application. We are extremely pleased to embark on this new shared path of scientific discovery with Caltech.”

The new pact was showcased today with the first in the Arthur D. Riggs Distinguished Lectureship series at Caltech. The series will bring together scientists from Caltech, the City of Hope and from across the country to discuss research.

A seminar will be offered twice a year and the series will alternate between the two institutions.

City of Hope’s main hospital is in Duarte, and it operates clinics in the Antelope Valley and South Pasadena.

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