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Photo via Pixabay

Two schools at the University of Southern California — the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and the Viterbi School of Engineering — announced Tuesday a partnership designed to create a new brand of professional and a new degree.

They will “launch programs that will shape new kinds of communication and technology professionals for the 21st century — equipped with education and training that combines the strengths of their fields,” a USC statement said. Two initiatives will emerge from the partnership.

The first is a new Master of Communication Informatics Degree to be conferred jointly by USC Annenberg and USC Viterbi. It will explore “the most interesting technological phenomena impacting communication of the future, including Big Data and data analytics, virtual and augmented reality, data mining, crowdsourcing, online communities, social media and the use of technology in journalism,” the statement said.

The second new initiative will be the creation of Innovation Teams “to leverage technologies to pioneer new digital storytelling tools and methods of delivering news.

“Led by a unique partnership between Viterbi and Annenberg faculty, these teams of student engineers and journalists will work side-by-side in the new cutting-edge Julie Chen/Leslie Moonves and CBS Media Center of Wallis Annenberg Hall,” the statement said.

The initiatives are funded by a portion of a $5 million gift from the Annenberg Foundation.

“The USC Annenberg-USC Viterbi partnership embodies the two institutions’ shared commitment to harnessing technology to drive change for the good of society — and their passion for contributing to a diverse, dynamic talent pool for the industries they serve,” the statement said.

—City News Service

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