[symple_googlemap title=”San Dimas High School” location=”800 Covina Blvd., San Dimas, CA” height=”300″ zoom=”13″]

Deputies were sent to San Dimas High School late Friday in response to a call of an armed man, possibly on campus, and found no one, the Sheriff’s Department said Saturday.

“It was later determined that it was possible the caller saw a school employee emptying the trash, which in the dark and from a distance, may have looked like a gun,” the Sheriff’s Information Bureau said.

Deputies were sent at 10 p.m. Friday to 800 Covina Blvd., where a student from the school called a classmate and told her she was leaving school after a rehearsal activity and saw a man wave a gun near the trash dumpsters.

Authorities searched the campus and told the students and teachers remaining at the rehearsal that the location was rendered safe.

“Deputies escorted the remaining students and staff to their vehicles, and/or a safe place to be picked up by parents,” the Sheriff’s Information Bureau said.  “No gun was found, nor was a gun seen by anyone else on campus.”

The sheriff’s San Dimas station asked anyone with any information regarding the incident to call them at (909) 450-2700.

—City News Service

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