The online retail giant Amazon Tuesday announced a $100,000 donation to a Moreno Valley program that supplies funding for job training and higher education incentives.

The six-figure allotment to the MoVal Learns program is intended to make college and technical training “more accessible and affordable” to residents who are cash-strapped, according to Amazon Southern California Community Engagement Director Marie Lloyd.

“Programs like MoVal Learns help eliminate barriers to higher education, support our neighbors in advancing their careers and improve our communities,” she said.

Amazon operates multiple warehouses in the Inland Empire.

Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez praised the donation for helping sustain the program, which provides “the opportunity for our students to reach their dreams of getting first-rate education and employment.

“I cannot thank Amazon enough for their continued investment in not only students’ futures, but Moreno Valley’s future as well,” he said.

MoVal Learns is enabling 50 residents to attend career and technical education classes at Moreno Valley College. According to city officials, the students receive a monthly stipend to pay for many of their living expenses, sparing them from having to hold down full-time jobs and instead dedicate more time to study and participate in community service projects.

“Currently in its third year, the MoVal Learns program helps alleviate the `earn versus learn’ dilemma many Moreno Valley residents face — whether to get an education or a job to earn a living,” according a city statement.

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