Photo by John Schreiber.
Photo by John Schreiber.

Los Angeles County announced the creation of a series of executive positions Thursday, including a chief operating officer and top-ranking officials to oversee changes in the child-welfare system and to work on “critical needs and resources” for the Sheriff’s Department.

The four positions will be within the CEO’s office, according to Interim CEO Sachi A. Hamai. Board of Supervisors Chairman Michael Antonovich said the creation of the posts is a “streamlining” of the office that “eliminates bureaucracy at the top and aligns talented leaders to tackle the major issues of the day.”

“It’s going to give the interim CEO much-needed flexibility and allow for quick response to these key challenges,” Antonovich said.

The positions are:

— a chief operating officer, who will oversee administrative functions, budget development, capital projects, employee relations and risk management;

— an executive position to assist the Sheriff’s Department with “critical needs and resources”; and

— an executive position to oversee consolidation of the county’s health agencies and health-related functions “to streamline administrative functions and improve patient care.”

The county will also create an Office of Child Protection within the CEO’s office to begin implementing changes in the child-welfare system, pending the hiring of a permanent child-protection executive.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell said he welcomed the creation of an executive position to work with his department.

“The CEO’s changes will concentrate leadership and resources in the major focus areas we are continuing to work on both internally and in partnership with the Board of Supervisors,” McDonnell said. “I appreciate the focus the CEO is bringing to the pressing needs of our department and I am looking forward to a strong collaboration with the CEO and members of the board in the coming year.”

County spokesman David Sommers said the positions will not lead to any cost increases, but since the realignment will actually leave other posts vacant, the county expects “to realize cost savings.”

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