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Photo via Pixabay

Mayor Eric Garcetti urged Angelenos Thursday to continue saving water as summer approaches, with the Sierra snowpack still below average.

Water use in Los Angeles down by 19 percent, but residents and others should continue conserving because snowpack is still at 70 percent of average, rainfall remains sparse and groundwater levels are lagging, according to Garcetti.

“In the last year, millions of Angelenos have stepped up and conserved a tremendous amount of water,” he said. “But we must continue to save.”

He recommended Angelenos take advantage of incentives offered by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, which is providing rebates of $1.75 for turf removal, $100 per rain barrel, $400 on cisterns, $100 on high- efficiency toilets and $300 for high-efficiency clothes-washers.

The LADWP is also giving away free high-efficiency faucet aerators and shower-heads.

LADWP Assistant General Manager Marty Adams said El Nino — which was anticipated to bring more rain — “was not the Godzilla we had hoped for.”

“There is always a chance for late season rains, and we welcome that possibility. But the bottom line is — we can’t take this valuable resource for granted,” he said.

Garcetti has set goals of reducing water use 20 percent by 2017 and to halve imported water consumption by 2025.

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