A petition to recall Councilman Paul Krekorian has been cleared for signature-gathering, the Los Angeles City Clerk’s Office announced Friday.

Paul Krekorian. Photo by John Schreiber.
The recall effort was launched earlier this year by several residents who said they were dissatisfied with Krekorian’s handling of development issues.

In order to mount a recall, the proponents would need to gather and submit at least 18,536 valid signatures from qualified registered voters in Krekorian’s 2nd District by July 26, according to the clerk’s office.

Recall proponents allege the councilman, who represents a district that includes Valley Village, North Hollywood and Studio City, has “demonstrated a marked bias favoring outside business interests over community sensibilities and community requests.”

Krekorian aide Ian Thompson has dismissed that allegation as “simply not true,” saying the councilman “has worked very closely and successfully with the community to fight against overdevelopment and mansionization,” including placing protecting areas against oversized homes in the Valley Village neighborhood.

Donna Gooley, one of the five official proponents, said the “catalyst” for her to join the recall effort was the demolition of a former home of Marilyn Monroe.

The city deemed the property historically and culturally insignificant, and denied an appeal from members of the community who wanted to preserve it. Gooley said the home was on a street that was excluded from historic status designation, a move that has allowed properties to be sold off for “major developments.”

The four other proponents listed on the notice are Jed Fuchs, Goran Nicola Lukic, Pamela D. Lippert and JoAnn D. Erickson.

In the past 10 years, no group has successfully scheduled a recall, with all four attempts during that time failing, according to Horacio Arroyo, a project director with the City Clerk’s Office.

Groups have begun circulating petitions, but failed to turn in the required number of valid signatures in efforts initiated against Los Angeles Unified School District board member Mike Lansing in 2006, City Councilman Jack Weiss in 2007, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in 2010 and LAUSD board member Monica Garcia in 2012, according to Arroyo.

— City News Service

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