Portion of "Yes on S" email featuring Mayor Eric Garcetti.
Portion of “Yes on S” email featuring Mayor Eric Garcetti image.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Wednesday that an email blast sent out by the Yes on S campaign is misleading and gives the impression he is a supporter of the ballot measure, which he “strongly” opposes.

The email features a photo of Garcetti with the quote, “Exceptions to the General Plan must become the rare exception to the rule,” followed by the phrases, “I agree” and “Yes on S,” although the phrases are not included inside the quotation marks.

Garcetti took exception to the email.

“The use of my photograph and an out-of-context quote in a Yes on Measure S ad is a dirty trick,” Garcetti said. “They are well aware I strongly oppose Measure S. The Yes on S campaign should cease and desist from any suggestion that my position on Measure S is anything but a strong `no.'”

Jill Stewart, campaign director for the Yes on S campaign, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Measure S on the March 7 ballot would halt all General Plan amendments — or special permission to developers known as spot zoning” — for two years while the city updates its General Plan and community plans that guide neighborhood development.

Voters who will decide Measure S will also be determining whether to re-elect Garcetti or one of his 10 challengers.

Supporters of Measure S argue the city’s procedure of frequently granting spot zoning requests while its elected leaders routinely take campaign donations from developers creates a cozy relationship and leaves the impression that City Hall can be bought.

On Jan. 31, Garcetti held a news conference where he stated his opposition to Measure S in part because he thought it would limit the city’s ability to construct affordable housing and housing for the homeless.

But Garcetti’s campaign spokesman, Yusef Robb, said the email sent by the Yes on S campaign leaves a much different impression.

“Lying to the voters is the lowest of the low. This is not even an attempt to walk a fine line. This is an outright attempt to deceive the voters,” Robb said.

— City News Service

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