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Officials Wednesday announced the exact timeline for the restoration of traffic lanes on a street in Playa del Rey, whose removal was something that Councilman Mike Bonin admitted “most people outright hated.”

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation announced that work will begin on Aug. 21, and estimated it will take two to three weeks to restore a lane in both directions on Vista del Mar.

One additional travel lane southbound from Waterview Street to Imperial Highway will be returned, and one additional travel lane northbound from Imperial Highway to Napoleon Street on will be restored, LADOT officials said. Parking spaces that had been added on Vista del Mar will also be removed.

The changes were announced last month by Bonin, who had originally called the elimination of traffic lanes on Venice Boulevard, Pershing Drive, Jefferson Boulevard, Vista del Mar and Culver Street a safety improvement. Scores of residents and commuters objected harshly to the changes, which created more congestion in an area already known for heavy traffic.

An online petition calling for an end to the project gathered thousands of signatures and an online campaign raised tens of thousands of dollars to be used to take legal action against the city and organize opposition. An effort to recall Bonin was also started online and has raised just over $26,000.

In a video posted in July on YouTube, Bonin admitted that “most people outright hated” the Vista del Mar changes. LADOT will also make changes to the signal phasing and the turn at the intersection of Vista del Mar and Culver Boulevard, Bonin said.

In the video, Bonin also announced that a new Road Safety Task Force — consisting of residents, business operators and safety advocates — will evaluate and make recommendations on road projects in the area.

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