metro red line
A Metro Red Line train. Photo by John Schreiber.

Travelers boarding the Metro Red Line at Union Station were met Wednesday with a new security screening system designed to detect possible “mass-casualty” threats, as part of a pilot project to explore the latest in transit-security technology.

The Evolv Edge screening system is billed as a high-speed, high-volume screening system that can scan 600 people per hour, without the need for passengers to stop or even slow down.

According to the manufacturer, Evolv Technology, uses a series of sensors that quickly collect data on people who pass through the machine and feed it into an “algorithmic model that automatically determines if there is a potential threat,” rendering a decision in a matter of seconds.

Unlike some airport body scanners, the system does not produce an image of a passenger’s body, and none of the raw data collected is stored, officials said.

The machine was put in place at the entry to the Red Line subway Wednesday, although passengers were not required to use it. Metro officials said the test was part of a pilot project to “evaluate the latest, most high- tech security technology for the Metro system.”

Michael Ellenbogen, CEO of Evolv Technology, told KNX Newsradio the system is already being tested at some stadiums and other facilities around the world.

“You don’t have to take all the things that you normally carry out of your pockets,” he said. “You can leave your phone in your pocket, your keys in your pocket, and we’re looking specifically for weapons and explosives. So this system’s called a millimeter-wave scanner. It uses harmless radio waves and we’re able to process well over 600 visitors per hour.”

–City News Service

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