Hollywood Hills Mansion Party
The Los Angeles City Attorney and the LAPD are working together to put an end to what is being called “nuisance” party spots. Photo: YouTube

So-called “party houses” may be subjected to escalating fines and penalties after a Los Angeles City Council committee Wednesday approved an ordinance to crack down on the problematic residences.

The Public Safety Committee approved a draft ordinance that has been pushed by Councilman David Ryu, whose 4th Council District includes the Hollywood Hills.

“I am pleased to see this ordinance pass the Public Safety Committee, as the issue of out-of-control party houses is, at heart, an issue of public safety,” Ryu said. “All-night parties with hundreds of guests crowding narrow streets in the hillsides block the right-of-way for emergency vehicles and consume the time and resources of our police officers who, at present, have no recourse to actually solve the problem,” Ryu said.

This ordinance would finally provide a solution. Escalating fines and penalties against both the tenant and the homeowner would ensure that this small minority of unruly party houses do not disturb and threaten the public safety of everyone around them,” he said.

The proposed ordinance would widen the type of behavior that could result in a property owner or manager being fined or facing a criminal charge, and create escalating fines up to $4,000 for repeat violations.

The draft measure would also mandate that any location cited would be tagged with a public notice of the violation for 30 days.

The draft ordinance is scheduled to next be heard by the Planning and Land Use Management Committee before possibly moving to the full City Council for a vote.

–City News Service

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