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A judge said Tuesday he wants a court-appointed attorney for “Modern Family” cast member Ariel Winter to review a fiscal rundown of the teenager’s assets before he approves the accounting prepared by the actress’ father and his lawyers.

Winter, who turns 17 on Jan. 28, was the subject of a long custody fight between her sister, Shanelle Gray, and their mother, Chrisoula Workman. In May, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel Murphy granted permanent guardianship of the actress to Gray after Workman agreed not to contest the issue further.

The siblings’ father was named permanent guardian of Winter’s finances until she reaches adulthood. Gray, 36, and her father had served in the temporary guardianship roles with the same responsibilities for more than a year.

According to court papers submitted Thursday by Glenn Workman’s attorney, Tammi Faulks, Winter received about $1.4 million last year from Winter Sky Entertainment, a company established for her benefit.

Lawyer David Booth, who also represents Glenn Workman, said attorney Amir Pichvai will examine the accounting on Winter’s behalf and report back to Murphy during the next hearing on Feb. 27. Booth said Murphy’s order was unusual, but added he did not foresee any problems with the accounting, which is required by law because of the guardianship over the actress.

Chrisoula Workman did not appear in court Tuesday. Before the settlement, she sought to have Winter returned home after Gray was granted temporary guardianship over her sibling in October 2012 amid allegations of mental abuse by the mother toward her youngest daughter.

Workman, 57, said her troubles with her teenage daughter began after she expressed her disapproval of the girl’s romantic relationship with actor Cameron Palatas.

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