Neil deGrasse Tyson, the scientist-turned-TV-star, says he feels as if he’s failed to elevate the presidential campaign — even though he’s not a candidate.

Director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson. Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls via Wikimedia Commons
“If I were to say I had a mission in life, it is to inform an electorate,” the astrophysicist says in a tech insider video. “My great disappointment with this election cycle as it is unfolding is that I don’t see anybody talking about science and technology.”

Tyson, 57, noted conversations about jobs and sex — “or the absence of it” — but asked: “At the end of the day, what is is we really want? I think we want health, wealth and security.”

And so, he said, “I feel like I’ve failed as an educator, as a scientist, that this is going on.”

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