Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain can’t stomach Donald Trump, telling a Sirius XM radio show that if the Republican were elected president and deported 11 million undocumented immigrants, “every restaurant in America would shut down.”

Anthony Bourdain. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Anthony Bourdain. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Speaking on Pete Dominick’s “Stand Up!” show Wednesday, the CNN “Parts Unknown” host told of his experience working after culinary school.

“Walking into restaurants, the person who had been there the longest and took the time to show me how it was done was always Mexican or Central American,” he added.“[They are] the backbone of the industry.”

Bourdain noted that 20 of his 30 years in the industry was as a manager and employer.

“Never in any of those years, not once, did any American-born kid walk into my restaurant and say, ‘I’d like a job as a night porter, or a dishwasher, or even a prep cook.’ [They were] few and far between [and] not willing to start at the bottom like that.”

Asked if most restaurant owners share his views on immigration, Bourdain said: “Yeah, because they’d be up the creek.”

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