Osama bin Laden is alive and living in the Bahamas! So says ex-CIA guy Edward Snowden.

American whistleblower Edward Snowden and Osama bin Laden. Photos via Reuters and Wikimedia Commons
And if you believed that last August, you have company today.

Broadly busted as fake last year, “news” — sometimes with “Breaking” or “Just in” for urgency — of Bin Laden being alive has been resurrected by several websites and promulgated by witting (or not) members of Twitter.

“It is worth noting that WorldNewsDailyReport.com is a fake news website that does not publish genuine news,” the hoax-busters said. “Whilst it is true that leaked Snowden files have included information about Bin Laden – including the claim that the Pentagon ran DNA tests on his body after he was killed by Navy Seals – there has been no claim by Snowden that Bin Laden is alive or living in the Bahamas.”

If Snowden had made such controversial statements, the story “would have garnered plenty of press attention,” thatsfake.com noted. “Even the most hardened of conspiracy theorists couldn’t possibly believe that the entire world media would have ignored such newsworthy claims, all except one blog that just happens to print fake news!”

Snowden has been the subject of many hoaxes, including one in which the leaker claimed that the popular Christmas toy Elf on the Shelf was actually a “massively successful espionage project run by the National Security Agency.”

Here are recent swallowers of the Snowden-Bin-Laden hoax:

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