Prince left no surviving spouse, children or parents. He didn’t leave a will either, it was revealed Tuesday.

Prince at Coachella music festival. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
But the 57-year-old music icon had a sister, half brothers and half sisters and their children, according to court papers.

As USA Today noted Tuesday: “‘The Decedent died intestate, [sister Tyka] Nelson said in her petition for the appointment of a special administrator to deal with Prince’s estate, which has been widely reported to be valued at $300 million.”

The paper added: “It’s possible there is a will and Nelson doesn’t know about it, but no one has come forward yet to say so. Calls to the office of Prince’s longtime attorney, L. Londell McMillan, were not answered.

“When someone dies intestate, without a will, a probate court takes over the administration of the decedent’s estate and distribution of assets. … Estate lawyers and Prince’s former manager, Owen Husney, said they would have expected Prince to have drawn up a will and an estate plan long ago.”

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