When you’re running for Congress in New York’s 10th District, you’re expected to have Broadway cultural literacy.

Oliver Rosenberg. Photo via Facebook

But Oliver Rosenberg flunked history literacy when he quoted Alexander Hamilton, the founding father, as having said: “This is not a moment, this is the movement. Foes oppose us. We take an honest stand. We roll like Moses claiming our promised land.”

That’s right. In a debate last week with incumbent Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Rosenberg confused remarks in the Broadway musical “Hamilton” as that of the Hamilton of history.

As CNN reported:

“Indeed, the quote was not actually said by the author of the Federalist Papers Alexander Hamilton, but instead said by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the Broadway musical with the same name.

“Also, earlier in the debate Rosenberg channeled the eccentric Jimmy McMillan of the political party ‘The Rent Is Too Damn High Party’ by saying, ‘The rents are too damn high.’ McMillan, who ran for unsuccessfully governor of New York in 2010, retired last year but was known for his quirky statements.”

Voters told Rosenberg to exit stage left. On Tuesday, Nadler defeated Rosenberg 88.8 percent to 10.3 percent. (But Israeli issues had more to do with the loss than a Tony Award-winning show.)

After the landslide defeat, Rosenberg urged people to “chill.”

Others weren’t so charitable.

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