A customized “Happy birthday to ya” was sung by Stevie Wonder to Hillary Clinton, who turned 69 on Wednesday. But sour notes were sounded elsewhere on social media.

Hillary Clinton hears Stevie Wonder sing happy birthday during taping of “The Breakfast Club.” Image via YouTube.com

Probable partisans of opponent Donald Trump may have been responsible for one frequent image showing birthday candles on what appeared to be excrement.

Trump turned 70 in June. He’d be the oldest president ever sworn in if he’s elected. Clinton would be the second oldest, if she’s elected, although she’d be the same numerical age at 69 as Ronald Reagan. Reagan is the nation’s oldest president to take office — so far.

As mic.com reported: Stevie Wonder and hosts of the morning radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’ sang the musician’s version of ‘Happy Birthday’ to the Democratic presidential nominee in an episode that aired Wednesday. Wonder was clear in his support for Clinton in his words and his wardrobe.

“I’m excited [for Hillary Clinton] because I know that there will be a continuation of making the world more accessible to people with disabilities,” the famed sightless musician said.

He was also decked out in a black bomber jacket that read “Hillary Clinton, 1st [woman] prez,” using the Venus symbol.

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