Jason Walsh and Hilary Duff. Photo via Twitter
Jason Walsh and Hilary Duff. Photo via Twitter

Hilary Duff (with one L) raised some H-E-L-L and then sought to douse it Sunday when she apologized for her boyfriend’s Halloween costume choice.

Jason Walsh was shown wearing a Native American chief costume. It crossed the PC line for many. Other wondered what the commotion was about in the image from the Casamingos party.

The New York Daily News was all over it:

“A bevy of appalled internet users called out Jason Walsh for his elaborate get-up at a Beverly Hills Halloween party over the weekend, with many accusing him of making light of racial stereotypes. … Another criticized Duff, 29, for seemingly endorsing her boyfriend’s choice by wearing a sexy pilgrim outfit to complete their joint couple costume.

Duff posted an apology Sunday afternoon.

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